The Company, certified SOA OS25 (archaeological excavation), realizes projects
regarding all the process of:


• production of restoration of monuments

• architectural

• archaeological

recovery of historical


Working in partnership with experts in the fields, it has methodological, analytical, technological and operational tools, it has moreover design skills and executive abilities to carry out conservation work at various levels, on contexts, structures and artifacts.

Ale Consulting moreover takes advantage of the valuable skills
of the administrator who has a large wealth of professional experiences in the field of cultural heritage.

The work process is divided in:

• research and prior investigation 

• excavation and archaeological survey

• restoration 

• graphic documentation and computerizing processing

These preliminary excavation work carried out by the method of investigation called "sample" consisting in the execution of some trenches to provide useful stratigraphic data and to verify the presence of levels affected by phenomena of human settlement in ancient times. In particular, by the positioning of trenches at modular distances, in order to identify significant sections of the subsurface, one can obtain a sampling of the entire area, which will be investigated in a further depth in the portions that will be identified as the most representative or that otherwise give positive results, in reference to the hypothetical pre-existing archaeological. This method, combined with the experience of our products. archaeologists, will ensure a quick, efficient and full of archaeological risk and its potential impact on a project. It is thus possible to plan accordingly further work and save on running costs. The Ale Consulting company also makes use of the most advanced detection technologies in the field (total station and GPS) for the detection of structures found in order to provide appropriate documentation to the Superintendents for updating topographic maps.


The society performs stratigraphiv, planned and of emergency excavations, thanks to the presence of experts in archaeological excavation and with a considerable experience, applying an operating tested method that allow to operate quickly in acquisition of excavation data, consenting to produce all the necessary documentation to the archaeological investigation. To the graphic rendering in special types of environment, Company uses photogrammetry with strainghtening-photo.


The company develops projects that concerns all the process of production of monumental, architectural and archaeological restoration, and the recovery of the history buildings. Working in collaboration or in partnership with restoration experts, the company has methodological tools, analytical, technological and operational capacity to carry out planning and executive at various levels of conservation work contexts, structures and artifacts.


The company is dedicated to providing and developing the graphic and archaeological documentation and the archaeological finds using engineers specializing in design and in polishing. It realizes also 2D and 3D digital graphics applied to the archeology.